Sunday, June 27, 2010

Help!! It's a GIRL!!

Well, the truth is, I always thought this baby would be a girl. Mainly because this pregnancy has been completely different, I mean totally DIFFERENT then my pregnancy with Callum! I was sick with Callum but I could still function. This time is much different. Mostly because of my Lactose Intolerance. I had no idea that being lactose intolerant would change my way of living so drastically. It has. All of my favorite foods have milk in them! I actually started getting sick a month after I was pregnant. Not the typical morning sickness deal. This was full fledge I am dying and better pump out a Will soon kind of sick. I just couldn't function. So after getting the lactose test my doctor advised it was discovered that I am SEVERELY lactose intolerant. This means no milk or dairy at all!! Now, I didn't think being lactose intolerant meant I was having a girl I just new this pregnancy would be very, very different. And it has. I have craved nothing but sweet fruity things! With Callum I craved tons of grease! The more grease the better! I had Burger King Bacon Crossanwhiches EVERYDAY. Yep, everyday. They would have those specials where you could buy one and get one free. I would do that, thinking, I could save one for the next day.....NOPE. I ate both. I also ate a lot of Runza. Not any surprise this is one of Callum's favorite restaurants:)

So last week I found out the baby was indeed a girl. As much as I thought she was a girl I didn't really think God was going to give me a girl to raise. Don't get me a wrong, I am very happy. I am just freaked out! I have spent several years working with girls at BT and just despised the drama. I am worried she will come to resent me for some reason. That she will rebel like crazy and I won't know what to do. I can give advice to others on behavior modification techniques but actually thinking I will have my own daughter makes me nervous. I have downloaded tons of mother-daughter songs the last few days to try and calm my nerves. I am breathing a little.

Now the pressure of a name for her. I like names that have a masculine feel to them and Malick wants the girl to have a....drum roll please.....girls name! So, my thoughts of naming the baby...Carsyn, Charlee, Jamyson, Ainsley and a host of others are out the window. Everything I suggested seemed like a "man's" name to Malick. SO....I am not completely unreasonable. Well, I was a few days ago. I basically said I was giving birth to her and would name her whatever I wanted. After that crazy rant, I calmed down and am now totally reasonable. I came up with the name Callum from a boy that was at Boys Town. I had never heard it before and thought it would be great. So, Malick said he liked it and I got to name him Callum, just like I wanted. A few days ago we came to an agreement that I would quit with the boyish names and come up with something girly. I went to the website and looked at a variety of names and we have decided on....Claire Ann Diarrassouba. My mom's middle name is Ann, so I knew I wanted it to be Ann but I had no idea about the first name. It came down to Sophie, Jolie and Claire. I really love the name Sophie but I know a TON of Sophie's. Jolie is cute too, it just didn't seem right. So compromise complete. I need to know the name so that I can call the baby by her name; I feel it helps me attach more.

I also feel like shopping is helping me attach too....I need to do more of it!;)

Seeing it girly....

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  1. Did it never occur to you that a boy can rebel & resent you too?! This seems funny to me that you're so freaked out by a girl, but these kinds of thoughts plague me about ANY child I might have! :-) I'm sure that's very helpful to you!!