Sunday, June 27, 2010

Help!! It's a GIRL!!

Well, the truth is, I always thought this baby would be a girl. Mainly because this pregnancy has been completely different, I mean totally DIFFERENT then my pregnancy with Callum! I was sick with Callum but I could still function. This time is much different. Mostly because of my Lactose Intolerance. I had no idea that being lactose intolerant would change my way of living so drastically. It has. All of my favorite foods have milk in them! I actually started getting sick a month after I was pregnant. Not the typical morning sickness deal. This was full fledge I am dying and better pump out a Will soon kind of sick. I just couldn't function. So after getting the lactose test my doctor advised it was discovered that I am SEVERELY lactose intolerant. This means no milk or dairy at all!! Now, I didn't think being lactose intolerant meant I was having a girl I just new this pregnancy would be very, very different. And it has. I have craved nothing but sweet fruity things! With Callum I craved tons of grease! The more grease the better! I had Burger King Bacon Crossanwhiches EVERYDAY. Yep, everyday. They would have those specials where you could buy one and get one free. I would do that, thinking, I could save one for the next day.....NOPE. I ate both. I also ate a lot of Runza. Not any surprise this is one of Callum's favorite restaurants:)

So last week I found out the baby was indeed a girl. As much as I thought she was a girl I didn't really think God was going to give me a girl to raise. Don't get me a wrong, I am very happy. I am just freaked out! I have spent several years working with girls at BT and just despised the drama. I am worried she will come to resent me for some reason. That she will rebel like crazy and I won't know what to do. I can give advice to others on behavior modification techniques but actually thinking I will have my own daughter makes me nervous. I have downloaded tons of mother-daughter songs the last few days to try and calm my nerves. I am breathing a little.

Now the pressure of a name for her. I like names that have a masculine feel to them and Malick wants the girl to have a....drum roll please.....girls name! So, my thoughts of naming the baby...Carsyn, Charlee, Jamyson, Ainsley and a host of others are out the window. Everything I suggested seemed like a "man's" name to Malick. SO....I am not completely unreasonable. Well, I was a few days ago. I basically said I was giving birth to her and would name her whatever I wanted. After that crazy rant, I calmed down and am now totally reasonable. I came up with the name Callum from a boy that was at Boys Town. I had never heard it before and thought it would be great. So, Malick said he liked it and I got to name him Callum, just like I wanted. A few days ago we came to an agreement that I would quit with the boyish names and come up with something girly. I went to the website and looked at a variety of names and we have decided on....Claire Ann Diarrassouba. My mom's middle name is Ann, so I knew I wanted it to be Ann but I had no idea about the first name. It came down to Sophie, Jolie and Claire. I really love the name Sophie but I know a TON of Sophie's. Jolie is cute too, it just didn't seem right. So compromise complete. I need to know the name so that I can call the baby by her name; I feel it helps me attach more.

I also feel like shopping is helping me attach too....I need to do more of it!;)

Seeing it girly....

Friday, June 11, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....(insert great Julie Andrews voice)

I seriously go through a plethera of papertowels.....I may need an intervention. I know it isn't "green" but I can't stop. I think using a towel or wash clothe just seems like wiping dirty stuff back on the counter. This made me think of some of the things I just can't live without.

Viva Paper Towels- They are the best! Just like a wash cloth but you throw it away after each use. This sweet find is something I can't switch on. I told Malick the last time he went to Baker's he better not even think about bringing me home 'Bounty'.

Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix- I am not saying this is the best brownie mix out there but for me it is gold in a box....GOLD! I was recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant and this is the only mix I have found that I can eat. Boy do I eat them!! I am averaging a box a day....I wish I were kidding.

Purses- I don't know what it is I just love purses. I feel like I have been in rehab the past year over this addiction. I have not spent alot of money on purses but I just love them. I have always wanted a Coach or Micheal Kors but just can't justify spending the money when I have a 3 year old and another on the way. I will keep checking out TJ Maxx for the latest deals. Purses always fit no matter what your size and I for one LOVE it!!

Ipod- As I type the word Ipod I laugh. I mean, come on, I just never thought I would have a "fancy" Ipod. I had an Ipod nano for the last few years and it has been great to go on walks with and do what I needed it to. Well, a co worker had the new ipod nano that has the mini video camera in it. I new they were $150 in stores so I went to ebay to find a good deal. I got one with a warranty for $98 with shipping. I got it and the seller accidentally sent me an Ipod Touch!! I called the seller to let him know he had "upgraded" my purchase without knowing. He said it was his mistake and that I could keep it. At first I was a little bummed. I wanted the little one with the video camera. THEN I found out all the things the touch could do and I was in heaven! I have TV shows for Callum on their, all my songs, I can check facebook, a police scanner....I mean it is just endless. This little contraption has been amazing for a road trip or a trip to the mall when I NEEDED to get my eyebrows waxed. I had Callum in his stroller, put on a show and got my eyebrows waxed in peace. I am embarrassed that my son can turn on the ipod by himself and find a sow he likes. I am not winning any mother-of -the-year award anytime soon!!:)

I adore the Clorox anywhere spray. I find myself using it all the time....paired with my Viva paper towels, of course! It smells great and makes me think things are clean....probably cleaner then they really are. The only downside with this product is that my husband wiped our wood table down with it. So, our old table has sections have lighter wood:) Not the products fault....user error!

Truly, I know there are so many things that I just can't live without but they are not coming to me right now. Probably because my son is sitting across the table as I type suppose to be eating but is instead drawing with his new markers AND it could be that I am starting to smell my brownies in the's batch is featuring peanut butter ( something I added, we'll see if it is a hit or miss)!!

Seeing things the best I can,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Time

Well, this is seriously my fourth attempt at a blog. I wish I were kidding. I love reading blogs, especially the ones of the people that I know. I have always wanted to be a blogger but just never have the consistency to actually sit down and type. So, attempt four begins....I don't even remember the addresses of the other blogs so they will continue to float around in the blog world. I thought for sure when I signed up for this one I would get a notice saying I currently have too many blogs open. BUT it didn't happen.....yippeeee.

I am sitting here at 3:43 am because I can't sleep. Hopefully I can get my thoughts out and then head back to bed. My husband (Malick) goes to school in Auburn, Alabama and is currently driving back to Alabama....probably why I can't sleep. He chooses to drive straight thru and it makes me nervous! He left at 7:30pm and will be home tomorrow at 6pm. Crazy! I just wish he would stay in a hotel half way and sleep but he likes to do it all at once. So that's fine. While he jams out to his African music, eats his energy bars and fruit, I will continue to feel like I am going to go into Cardiac Arrest at any moment:)

Him being in Alabama leaves me here in Nebraska with my three year old Callum and I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. I convinced my doctor to do an Ultrasound at 18 weeks instead of 20 weeks since my husband was in town and I wanted him to be apart of this neat experience. The baby looked great (from what we could see) which wasn't much! I had myself pumped to find out the sex of the baby but today the baby just wouldn't move from it's tummy. I tried jumping jacks, shaking, dancing but it was not happening and I was getting concerned that the Ultrasound tech would call CPS due to me shaking my baby in-utero! :) I wish I could wait to find out the gender until birth but I do not think I can physically do that. I am a planner and finding out the sex helps me to start bonding with my son or daughter now. Don't get me wrong, I am bonded now but I just feel a little something something having a gender, a name, that I can associate with my baby.

In three weeks we will try again. I am not telling anybody when that ultrasound is just in case the same thing happens again. I will just blab the news on FB without any warning that I am finding out. This blog will hopefully be more put together as I learn about blogging. For now, this is a variety of what is on my mind as I sit to do my hourly call to my husband who is stressing me out!!