Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Time

Well, this is seriously my fourth attempt at a blog. I wish I were kidding. I love reading blogs, especially the ones of the people that I know. I have always wanted to be a blogger but just never have the consistency to actually sit down and type. So, attempt four begins....I don't even remember the addresses of the other blogs so they will continue to float around in the blog world. I thought for sure when I signed up for this one I would get a notice saying I currently have too many blogs open. BUT it didn't happen.....yippeeee.

I am sitting here at 3:43 am because I can't sleep. Hopefully I can get my thoughts out and then head back to bed. My husband (Malick) goes to school in Auburn, Alabama and is currently driving back to Alabama....probably why I can't sleep. He chooses to drive straight thru and it makes me nervous! He left at 7:30pm and will be home tomorrow at 6pm. Crazy! I just wish he would stay in a hotel half way and sleep but he likes to do it all at once. So that's fine. While he jams out to his African music, eats his energy bars and fruit, I will continue to feel like I am going to go into Cardiac Arrest at any moment:)

Him being in Alabama leaves me here in Nebraska with my three year old Callum and I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. I convinced my doctor to do an Ultrasound at 18 weeks instead of 20 weeks since my husband was in town and I wanted him to be apart of this neat experience. The baby looked great (from what we could see) which wasn't much! I had myself pumped to find out the sex of the baby but today the baby just wouldn't move from it's tummy. I tried jumping jacks, shaking, dancing but it was not happening and I was getting concerned that the Ultrasound tech would call CPS due to me shaking my baby in-utero! :) I wish I could wait to find out the gender until birth but I do not think I can physically do that. I am a planner and finding out the sex helps me to start bonding with my son or daughter now. Don't get me wrong, I am bonded now but I just feel a little something something having a gender, a name, that I can associate with my baby.

In three weeks we will try again. I am not telling anybody when that ultrasound is just in case the same thing happens again. I will just blab the news on FB without any warning that I am finding out. This blog will hopefully be more put together as I learn about blogging. For now, this is a variety of what is on my mind as I sit to do my hourly call to my husband who is stressing me out!!

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  1. Do you realize that if you click on the link to the right to "view your complete profile" it lists one of your old blogs at the bottom? Apparently you started one in January! I liked the post too. Anyway, I know you can do this! Just start retelling funny stories from your life when you can't think of anything else. :-)